Dr. Jordan Rodriguez, Principal
Mrs. MaryBeth Delfiacco, Asst. Principal
Mrs. Nicole Wysong, Asst. Principal
Ryan Dufrain, SAM


Contact Information

Rock Lake Middle School

250 Slade Dr
Longwood, Fl 32750

Main Number: 407-746-9350
Fax Number: 407-746-9399

Student Hours: 9:20 - 3:55
Office Hours: 8:00 - 4:00

Mission Statement

The mission of Rock Lake Middle School is to prepare students to become productive citizens, future leaders and lifelong learners by inspiring and empowering them to excel academically, technologically, physically, creatively and socially.

Raider Role Models

Raider Role Models
Guiding Youth for Success:

Create a mission:

Raider Role Models provides middle school students a chance to develop a meaningful relationship with a positive, adult role model as they navigate their way through school.

Create measurable goals:

Every student (who has a phone) will sign up for Maintain mentor/mentee relationship for at least one year. Establish a trusting and meaningful relationship with student. Appropriate Mentor/mentee closure or continuation conversations will take place on Rock Lake Middle School campus.


Develop program management forms, create a file of resources mentors can use while mentoring, and designate space for mentor meetings, set a timeline and budget for the year’s activities, determine what staff member will serve as a liaison between mentors and students.


Create a brochure and a PowerPoint presentation to help raise awareness in the community.


Email brochure to various contacts, present at various local organizations, reach out to local churches and asked all friends and family to get involved. Use social media and various school avenues of communicating. Set up recruitment booth at schedule pick-up, open house and any other fall school event involving parents.


Provide two-hour training on Seminole County Public Schools volunteer policies, what it means to be a mentor and provide a tour of the campus.


Have all volunteers registered as dividends, fingerprinted and background checked prior to mentoring.


Match mentors/mentees based on availability and interests indicated on forms.


Hold event for mentors to meet their mentees. Conduct various icebreakers, explain program with a PowerPoint presentation for students, and ask mentors to set their first meeting for the following week.


Assign each group of 10-15 mentors a mentor coordinator to contact monthly to offer support and guidance. Send weekly emails with mentoring tips, words of encouragement and praise, as well as success stories, upcoming events and schedule changes.


Work with school administration to maintain communication with faculty regarding program activities. Work with school staff liaison when necessary. Re-match mentors if mentees leave program. Continue to train new mentors throughout year. Continuously communicate school bell schedule changes and other campus activities to mentors.


Provide notes and candy throughout the year to thank and encourage mentors and mentees.  Hold mentor/mentee appreciation event at the end of the year.  Recognize students for things like attendance, behavior, improved GPAs, as well as strengths—such as good communication, resiliency, and positive attitudes. Provide mentors a certificate of recognition from school. Have students write thank you notes to mentors and include a photo of the mentor/mentee taken at recognition event. Recognize all staff involved in the program.


Evaluate program by surveying mentors and mentees (Survey Monkey) to communicate results.


Raider Role Models mentoring is led by Dr. Jordan Rodriguez, principal, coordinated by Kevin Collins, PTSA member.

For additional information, please contact Kevin Collins: