Mr. Martin Dunlop, Principal
Mrs. MaryBeth Delfiacco, Asst. Principal
Mrs. Nicole Wysong, Asst. Principal
Mr. Beau Hogan, Dean



Contact Info

Rock Lake Middle School
250 Slade Dr
Longwood, Fl 32750

Main Number: 407-746-9350
Fax Number: 407-746-9399

Student Hours: 9:20 - 3:55
Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:15

School Motto

"The Rock"
 Where Character Comes First

Mission Statement

The mission of Rock Lake Middle School is to prepare students to become productive citizens, future leaders and lifelong learners by inspiring and empowering them to excel academically, technologically, physically, creatively and socially.

Vision Statement

Rock Lake Middle School will provide a safe and culturally diverse and supportive environment to promote learning for all students.  We will acknowledge their intellectual, personal, social, physical and creative needs.  We will meet these needs within an educational setting that encourages cooperative involvement from all stakeholders to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum, which is rich in technology and celebrates diversity with high expectations for all students.

Welcome to RLMS

Welcome to Rock Lake Middle School, 'The Rock'!  
Your principal is Mr. Martin Dunlop.
Our mascot is the Raider.
Our colors are Maroon, Royal Blue and Silver.

Academic Life

Students who are successful in school, follow the three A’s.

  1. Attendance – You must come to school every day. Only severe illnesses or emergencies should keep you out of school.
  2. Attitude – You must come to school with a positive attitude, one that helps you rather than hurts you.
  3. Assignments – You must complete all of your assignments consistently. There is no excuse for a zero.

Always give your all and try your best. No matter how hard your day has been, always remember to try your best. Even if your day has been rough, chances are other people might have had a rough day, too. You might be surprised to find that your day could get better. So, remember to smile and always give your all.


Attendance Policy

If you have excessive absences from school, your grades are sure to suffer. Try to start your middle school years by making an effort to come to school every day. If you must be absent, make sure to bring a note from home and give it to your homeroom teacher so that you will be excused. You will be given one day, for every day you are absent, to make up your schoolwork. If you are sick for two or more days, your parents may call your teacher’s voicemail for work. Teachers will send the homework to the front office to be picked up. Teachers require twenty-four (24) hours notice. 

Bell Schedule

Our typical school week is as follows:
Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays students go to all 7 classes and their homeroom which meets at the beginning of the school day. 

Wednesdays are an even block day where students only go to Homeroom, 2nd, 4th, 6th and homeroom
Thursdays are an odd block day where students only go to 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th.

Occasionally students may have a modified block week, such as for exams. These schedules will often be sent home in advance.  

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

With increased use of digital resources, RLMS supports using real world learning opportunities for success of all students. To that effort, RLMS offers all students the privilege of bringing their personal electronic devices to school to expand and support learning opportunities. Devices may be used for a variety of educational purposes including lessons that promote research, communication, and collaboration as well as to create digital projects on District networks.

B.Y.O.D. is not a requirement, but an important enhancement to student access to information and learning 24/7/365.

Please read the attached for our complete BYOD Policy. 

Electronic Device Policy

Guidance Counselors

You need to sign the clipboard in the Guidance Office if you want to see your counselor. You may sign up before school, after school, between classes or during lunch. You may also sign up at other times if your teacher gives you a pass to do so.  

Students with last names:

A-L - see Mrs. Caesar
M-Z - see Mrs. Hinduja


On average, you should spend 15-30 minutes per night, per academic subject, Monday-Thursday. Of course, this will vary from student to student, but we encourage you to take whatever time is necessary for you to be successful. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up missed homework and classwork. You should arrange for a homework buddy that you could call to check on the homework assigned.

Late to School or Class

If you arrive late to school, you must sign in at the front office. You will receive a tardy slip that will admit you to class, but if you are tardy too many times, your parents will be contacted and you may be given a detention to serve by the teacher whose class you are tardy to.


Your homeroom or first hour teacher usually assigns lockers by the end of the third week of school.


To login to the portal from home, students need to go to:

Use the following for your login name:

The password is the same as the computer password used at school.




You may choose some of your elective classes. Some classes may be pre-determined based on state test scores and other factors. School begins in August and you may pick up your schedule during orientation. You will have seven classes, plus homeroom which meets at the beginning of the day. Wednesdays and Thursdays we follow a block schedule so you only have some of your classes each day, but these classes are twice as long.