Contact Information

Rock Lake Middle School
250 Slade Dr
Longwood, Fl 32750

Main Number: 407-746-9350
Fax Number: 407-746-9399

Student Hours: 9:20 - 3:55
Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:15

Mission Statement

"The Rock"
 Building solid foundations for the future of our students


School Motto

The mission of Rock Lake Middle School is to prepare students to become productive citizens, future leaders and lifelong learners by inspiring and empowering them to excel academically, technologically, physically, creatively and socially.

Vision Statement

Rock Lake Middle School will provide a safe and culturally diverse and supportive environment to promote learning for all students.  We will acknowledge their intellectual, personal, social, physical and creative needs.  We will meet these needs within an educational setting that encourages cooperative involvement from all stakeholders to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum, which is rich in technology and celebrates diversity with high expectations for all students.

Administration & Faculty


First Last Department E-mail Voicemail
Laura Adlam Literacy Coach 407-746-9369
Tim Bair Science 407-746-9362
Barbara Barnard-Figaro Web Design/
iChallenge 407-746-9334
Thomas Bugos Social Studies 407-746-9403
Tara Caesar Guidance 407-746-9309
Jacquelin Casanova Spanish/iJourneys 407-746-9401
Joanivette  Colon-Negron Social Studies 407-746-9349
Jianna Dalton ETF 407-746-9405
Dimitri Delazanos PE 407-746-9409
MaryBeth Delfiacco AP 407-746-9316
Sue Drauss Social Studies 407-746-9336
Julie Dryden ELA 407-746-9364
Martin Dunlop Principal 407-746-9305
Paul Dunscomb Gaming/iJourneys 407-746-9333
Erin Espinosa Science 407-746-9379
Nancy Ferreira Language Arts 407-746-9361
Valerie Field Math 407-746-9342
Gwen Figueroa Language Arts 407-746-9378
Tisha Futrell Math 407-746-9380
Michelle Glascott Math 407-746-9383
Lauren Golubock ASD 407-746-9330
Linda Gonzalez Math 407-746-9340
Barbara Gruber Success Team 407-746-9440
Karen Gundal Math 407-746-9382
Roberta Harbrucker Robotics/iJouneys 407-746-9335
Cynthia Hardy Science 407-746-9360
Elyse Hayslip ELA 407-746-9363
Babita Hinduja Guidance Counselor 407-746-9304
Beau Hogan Dean 407-746-9314
Sherri Hyde Social Studies 407-746-9338
Marilyn Johnson CTE 407-746-9346
Natasha Keyian MOD 407-746-9327
Lisa King Language Arts 407-746-9365
Daniel Kneer Science 407-746-9402
Amy Kruse ESE 407-746-9324
Jennifer Levkulich TV Production/YBK 407-746-9320
Ashley Lewis Chorus/Musical Theater/iJourneys 407-746-9323
Elena Lugo Science 407-746-9381
Petra Lumsden Reading 407-746-9393
Giselle Martinez Math 407-746-9347
Holly McPeters ELA 407-746-9325
MaryJane Meherg Science 407-746-9343
William Mendenhall US Histor/Civics 407-746-9344
David Miller Science 407-746-9337
Karyn Nowak Language Arts 407-746-9392
Paul  Oppedisano History 407-746-9391
Laura Pencil Spanish/French 407-746-9331
Janisette River-Rivera ELA/ESOL 407-746-9326
Malarea Robinson Social Studies 407-746-9339
Cindy Sabatino PE 407-746-9386
Adam Sanabria ELA 407-746-9376
Angela  Salvo Book-keeper 407-746-9317
Patrick Sheehan ESE 407-746-9373
Elizabeth Singer Reading 407-746-9400
Kerry Waldo Band Director 407-746-9385
Joseph Wauran Math 407-746-9377
Jeff Westhelle PE 407-746-9408
Jennifer Wharton Math 407-746-9348
Jenny Wolcott Speech & Language 407-746-9345
Jennifer Wynn-Jones Art 407-746-9366
Nicole Wysong  AP  407-746-9312


Support Staff

Frist Last Department E-mail
Tammy Bass Food Service
Stephanie DeVivo Guidance Secretary
Jenny  Gaylan Discipline Secretary
Beatrice Jones Custodial
Valerie Jones Security
Barbara Nelson Media/Virtual School
Melissa  Pugh Front Desk
Angie Salvo Book-keeper
Janice Winn Executive Secretary